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Saurian DevLog #23

Apologies if the devlogs are a little shorter going towards release, we are all very busy on getting the game ready for you all. That said, Henry was kind enough to take some time from his day to get an entry out to you all:

With less than a month to release, the Saurian programming team has been hard at work squaring away the last of what is needed to release the game with as many features as possible. Among the many tasks we’ve been whittling away at, I’ve recently finished up code on family dissolution. I’ve written in the past about social dynamics, but I haven’t written much about how those bonds are broken/strained. Dakotaraptor, for example, will terminate bonds with their children after they become juveniles. In addition, I had to write how your family members will react if you decide to be a jerk to them (as I know a good few of you will). You’ll probably be OK if you’re just bullying your siblings, but I don’t recommend trying it on your parents…

We’ve also been ironing out the final kinks in our ontogeny system, and trying to keep up with Bryan as he cranks out the last remaining animations for the Dakota growth stages. Here are some brief glances into what it looks like to control each growth stage:

  • Will on July 23, 2017

    Is Nvidia SLI going to be supported?

  • Daniel on July 20, 2017

    Game looks amazing can’t wait to start playing it. The isle kept me at bay till this game is finished keep up the good work 🙂

  • Chickenburger on July 20, 2017

    Will there be a runt system so if your unlucky enough you’ll be under average size and will be picked on by siblings and adult size will be unger average size to?

  • Ariana on July 15, 2017

    I am still just as pumped for this game as when I first heard of this game, if not more so. I cant wait to play!

  • Budah on July 15, 2017

    So how will hiding work? On a multiplayer server hiding in the foliage is likely easy because it’s based off of players line of sight. But how would hiding from AI work?

  • david on July 13, 2017

    Hold on to your tails

  • John Keane on July 12, 2017

    This looks absolutely stunning! My only concern is that I might not be able to run it. What are the minimum system requirements going to be? Keep up the good work, I can hardly wait for the 31st!

  • Jelani on July 11, 2017

    Are you guys still going to add the gorgosaurus and styracosaurus.

  • Daniel Ross on July 11, 2017

    Is there a reason your only working on Dakotaraptor?

  • Entity404 on July 9, 2017

    I come to wonder, how is it the game is less than a month from release when its so new? Ive never seen a game develop THAT fast before.

  • ladyaequitas on July 9, 2017

    I’m not sure if I’ve read this anywhere. Most of the dinosaurs in the playable dinosaur section talk about mating / mating rituals. Will those be worked into the final game, or will that be left to our imaginations?

  • Draconicrose on July 9, 2017

    Looking good! I’m really curious about the game part of all this though. It’ll be pretty cool to walk around as a dino but I would like to see some goals.

  • Turtledragon on July 8, 2017

    I love the testing map(s)… it has enough detail and graphics to make Saurian look realistic and beautiful, yet it’s not so detailed and sparkly that it’s hard to run on older computers like mine. (that’s an educated guess, since I haven’t tried the pre-release to see how my pc holds up, but the team has said they want to make Saurian available to a wide audience.) Soo excited!! I’ve got the date marked on my calendar and all it says is SAURIAN in sharpie with three exclamation points and is circled about ten times. ^_^

  • Matthew Johnson on July 8, 2017

    Looking great! I hope after release we’ll get a Linux version, just give a shout out when and if you’re looking into doing it as you will get help if you want any :).

  • Red on July 7, 2017

    Exciting!! I love how different the various growth stages look from one another.

    A question– what is the reason for how the Dakotaraptor runs with its arms down like that, especially in the subadult stage? I’m sure there must be a reason for why they don’t run with their arms tucked closer to their bodies, but I’ve missed it. Is there an article or something about it that I can check out?

  • nol_b on July 7, 2017

    What ever happened to VR support?

  • JMID on July 7, 2017

    Looking so amazing! Can’t wait!

  • DragonChester on July 6, 2017

    Keep up the good work Saurian team. Can’t wait to try this on my i7/GTX 980TI sc.
    After shutting down my ark server ( after 3 + years/3200 + hrs) and Dev team not listing to the community and game breaking bugs that still haven’t been touched since 2015. They are trying push the game out as finished when it barely runs beefy systems.

    Looking forward to a more realistic Dino game that’s runs good and is base on real facts and Science information.
    Ps will your game be support the new vulkan API? I really hope so, cuz I hear unity got support for it 🙂

  • Snarbs on July 6, 2017

    I am dying! I want it now xD!!!

  • Henning on July 6, 2017

    Hell-creek yeah! Can’t wait!

  • prithzilla on July 6, 2017

    game looks really nice but what are minimum rreqirments to run, plz help becuase im getting new computre and i wanna know what i need to run saurian

  • prithzilla on July 6, 2017


    • prithzilla on July 6, 2017

      frst comment yas

      • Obsolerus on July 15, 2017

        *second comment

  • Brentt Watkins on July 6, 2017

    AHHHH! I’m so excited for this to come out, and I’m glad you guys were able to get past the problems that faced you. Counting down the days to the 31st!

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