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IMPORTANT: Pre-Release is coming (DevLog #21)

If you have been keeping up with our DevLogs in recent weeks, you will be aware that backers who pledged $60 or more on our Kickstarter will be getting access to a special demo of Saurian before the public Early Access release. Well, we are pleased to announce that this is very nearly complete and we will be releasing this to pertinent backers on the day of the next DevLog, the 8th of June. To reiterate:

Saurian pre-release demo will go live on Steam on the 8th of June 2017

In this DevLog we will give you a brief rundown of what to expect from the pre-release. Below you can see a shot of the menu with the three scenes you will initially be able to choose from. We have ideas for additional scenes we may add in later. The NPC Interaction scene will allow you to observe some of our AI animals interacting with each other and their environment via a free camera. We released a video of us playing around in an early version of this scene previously, the final version will be similar to this though it now looks much prettier and is without the many embarrassing bugs.

In the player interaction scene you get to play as Dakotaraptor and square off against Pachycephalosaurus. While the combat presented is rudimentary and not the final product, we feel like this is a pretty good representation of what early access combat is going to be like.

For those wondering if combat is going to be a one sided affair, I died while trying to screenshot the RPR.

In the Environment Showcase scene, you can freely explore a small piece of terrain without worry of other animals being present. The flora presented in this environment give an example of what our broadleaf forests will look like in the final game. This scene will also give you a preview of the day/night cycle and weather system. The square area you can explore is relative to a single tile in the final game map, which has 64 tiles total (to give an idea of final map size). We invite you to run around, smell the hops, and gaze at the stars.

With the pre-release stuff out of the way, we have one normal DevLog entry for you from Xico:

Since the majority of the sounds and music to be present in Pre-Release/Early Access are already finished and organized on our audio middleware software for Unity, the next step was to mix everything onto a cohesive whole, making you believe that you’re an inhabitant of Hell Creek. I’ve spent the last week organizing the mixer and sound events onto a comprehensive structure to facilitate any changes that might occur in the future, whilst mixing everything related with our environment.

Once that was finished and I was happy enough with the realism portrayed by the sounds I created, I tried to squeeze my music into the environment itself, making it feel like it belonged to the ecosystem without being too blatant and loud. You can hear the results below.

On this little example, you can hear some (rough) transitions between swamps, forests and beaches; with the occasional river or waterfall showing up as well. Now that the ambience of Hell Creek and some of its meteorological elements are finished, I can focus now on populating this soundscape with its inhabitants and their chirps, bites, wing flaps and many more.

  • doggy on July 8, 2017


  • FluffyKitties on June 9, 2017

    The Devlog still is not out? its June 9th tho 🙁

  • Nick on June 7, 2017

    When will the early access come out?

    • Ornat on June 15, 2017

      They said it will be relase soon. Thing like between june 20-30 i guess.

  • Me on June 7, 2017

    Can’t wait to eat you all lol 🙌

  • Josiah on June 7, 2017

    i can not wait ether

  • nonavian on June 4, 2017

    That music was so serene and made me think of when I went to the Colorado mountains, so I can definitely see this fitting into the Saurian/Hell Creek environment. Great work so far and I can’t wait to see more =)

  • slimeywoodchip on June 3, 2017


  • horrible demon thing on June 2, 2017

    eeee Im so exited! 2017 has been nice to me, by bringing back my favorite show and giving us this amazing game! keep up the good work!

  • fluffy on May 31, 2017

    I can’t WAIT!!

  • A happy viewer on May 29, 2017

    Omg! Can’t wait! I wonder how long it’ll be for the public release to be out?

  • Frank Jr Sireton on May 29, 2017

    So the people who did 15$ are still getting the early access and full release right? Just later on though?

    • vincent on May 30, 2017

      Do the devs actually respond to our questions ?

      • John Keane on May 31, 2017

        They do if you go down to “contact us”. at least they emailed me back anyway.

  • Alex on May 29, 2017


  • Razzlie on May 28, 2017


  • DyroB on May 28, 2017

    Will this mean that the store page also will be up on 8th of June? With pre-order function enabled?
    Can’t pre-order here since no creditcard.

    • fluffy on June 7, 2017

      this game wont be out on steam for a long time so you wont be able to use a gift card

  • Edward Morrow on May 28, 2017

    Damn, I just want to say-…that music is beautiful! I could listen to that while I’m falling asleep! Can’t wait for this to be out.

  • david on May 28, 2017

    My recemendation is to have a gamer youtuberplay saurian and comment on it. Id recemend Robbaz he plays video games and is a really funny guy and is great for advertising games. He has played project zomboid and has hunted a large feathered tyrannosaurus

  • CGD on May 28, 2017

    This looks great! I’m so excited! One thing though, when is the public early access gonna be released?

  • CBSorge on May 27, 2017

    Congrats you invented paleoambient

  • paleosir on May 27, 2017

    When will the entire game appear?

  • graciliraptor on May 27, 2017

    this game is going to be beautiful. please, find a way to avoid that stats meater, the game will look more beautiful and realistic just find a way for the player to know his stats without it. i love saurian it will be amazing, continue plz

  • Homer the Triceratops on May 27, 2017

    I did not pledge 60$. Now I have to wait…. until when?

  • Merlin on May 26, 2017

    Just in time for my sisters birthday and the election

  • Havok on May 26, 2017

    im not crying you’re crying! seriously cant believe this so much progress has been made this game will soon be a reality and that is beautiful

  • Red on May 26, 2017

    Ah! This is so good! You guys are so good at details, I can’t wait to go exploring.

  • Patricia on May 26, 2017

    So cool! Keep up the amazing work guys! Take all the time you need, because it’ll be well worth the wait 😁

  • Shady on May 26, 2017

    You guys made me cry….. I love you guys

  • Wolff Jaw on May 26, 2017

    This is awesome, thanks you guys!

  • the hype trains conductor on May 26, 2017

    i just love that ambient sound, i played it for a friend, now i think he wants to buy the game when it comes out fully.

  • Brosif The Dinosaur on May 26, 2017

    Looks sweet, keep up the good work!

  • Sarah on May 26, 2017

    I love the idea for the music and sounds! Music can really make a game, and this shows just how amazing its gonna be.

  • Regole on May 26, 2017

    I didn’t pay sixty or more, but I’m stoked to hear about this!

    As for the music and environment SFX, I’m personally entirely okay with little or no music. That’s one thing I think ARK did 100% right, and in another MMO I play I generally keep the music turned off (but the SFX on). As long as the looping is seamless, environment SFX alone are adequate for me for games like this; music is always novel and useful for increasing drama, but in certain genres it can decrease immersion.

    That said, I’m not going to cry about the inclusion of something that doesn’t overpower the environment. This is just my two cents.

  • DDP on May 26, 2017

    In the first picture there should be an exclamation point after “charge”.

  • david on May 26, 2017

    Whats the little red blue and green half circle on the bottom left of the screan. I thaught you were trying to avoid using a stats meater

  • Formiga on May 26, 2017

    This made my day! can’t wait for it!

  • slimeywoodchip on May 26, 2017

    Can we make the 8th of june the official “gentlesaur day”

    please….? :3

  • Hypernic on May 26, 2017

    I paid over the 60 dollars, when will I get a conformation or anything to get the demo on release.

  • Amélie on May 26, 2017

    I can get addicted to a game for the moody music alone. I hope that this is what happens. : ) It’s almost there already.

  • NinjaGamer173 on May 26, 2017

    oh my god. I pre-ordered this game. I need this game now xD This sounds and looks amazing!!! Can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111oneoneone

  • Anthony Campins on May 25, 2017

    Fantastic, can’t wait!

  • Hexterus on May 25, 2017

    AaAaAaAhhhHHH so excited! I’m going to be playing this game 24/7 when the early access comes out lmao

  • RM Axel on May 25, 2017

    That subtle moody score reminds me of Jerry Goldsmith.

  • Barry on May 25, 2017

    Wow guy’s. Great moves, keep it up, proud of y’all.

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