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Saurian DevLog #4

To start off our DevLog this week: RJ received a pair of meter tall, 30 kilogram boxes of replica Dakotaraptor claws that a large selection of our backers will be receiving as a reward. They look amazing, even better than we expected, as you can see above. Big thanks to Robert DePalma for sorting these […]

Saurian DevLog #3

Now you’ve all settled down after the new playables reveal, it is time for another DevLog. The programmers are still busy integrating all their separate systems into one project, but bare with us on this as it is the first major step towards the final game coming together. In the meantime, here are some art, […]

New Playable Animals: Vote Results!

THE VOTES ARE IN So our backer survey is over and I’m sure you know what that means: votes for the two new playable dinosaurs are in and we now know the winners. During our Kickstarter campaign, one of our stretch goals was for the addition of two new playable animals to the Saurian roster, […]

Saurian DevLog #2

Welcome to our second DevLog! This week the programmers are hard at work on the back end so we’re doing a bit of an art-side special. Lets get into it: Tom Alongside my regular administrative and scientific research/consultant work, recently most of my focus has been in writing the Hell Creek: A Field Guide to […]

Saurian DevLog #1

As we at Saurian work towards our planned early access release in January, we decided it would be a good idea to keep you, the fans, updated on our progress. So for this purpose we will now be putting out these “DevLogs” every 2 weeks. In each DevLog, a few of the Saurian team members […]

Anatosaurus and the Name Game

One of the most frequently asked questions during Saurian’s development and Kickstarter campaign relates to Hell Creek’s resident “duck-billed” dinosaur (hadrosaurid), namely ‘where is it?’. This is a fair question; as the ever quotable RJ Palmer has noted, it’s absence is “like having the farm without the cow”. It might seem strange that we kept […]

Kickstarter Teaser- Saurian Original Sound Track (OST)

Here’s another sneak peak at one of our Kickstarter rewards. Francisco Godinho (or XZICD professionally) not only handles creature sounds, he’s working on our musical side as well. This track is creepy nighttime exploration music to raise the tension and make you wonder who’s really hunting who. Henry even jumped in for the violin! We’ll […]

April 13th Livestream: The Aftermath

Truth in advertising is a beautiful thing isn’t it? On April 1st, we posted the above picture on our Facebook page announcing Dakotaraptor as our newest playable dinosaur. As luck would have it, due to some unforeseen issues with Twitch, we wound up with a livestream recording that resembled our picture a bit more closely […]

Major Announcement Livestream, April 13th

Saurian Fans, It appears we’ve done that thing we tend to do where we don’t keep you guys updated as frequently as we’d like to. Despite our radio silence, we’ve been hard at work bringing Hell Creek to life, and we’d like to share our progress and a bunch of other big news with you […]

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