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Saurian DevLog #24 – Saurian is out!

Here we are at our first post-release DevLog. It has been a long road, but we’re finally here. We’d like to start off by thanking our fans for sticking with us, especially those who have been around since the early days. We’d also like to thank all of our wonderful Kickstarter backers as well–we couldn’t […]

Saurian DevLog #23

Apologies if the devlogs are a little shorter going towards release, we are all very busy on getting the game ready for you all. That said, Henry was kind enough to take some time from his day to get an entry out to you all: Henry With less than a month to release, the Saurian […]

Saurian Early Access Release Date Announcement

Dear Saurian fans, At long last, we are pleased to announce a release date for SAURIAN of July 31st, 2017 on Steam Early Access. While this is a huge step, it is important to note that early access means an incomplete product, which you are getting to play during its development. As promised in our […]

Saurian DevLog #22

Hi Saurian fans! We hope those of you who have the pre-release are enjoying yourselves with it! For us it is back to work on the game, pushing towards our next release: early access. Here are a couple of aspects of that from Henry and Bryan: Henry Since the demo release, I’ve finally had time […]

Pre-Release FAQ

So the Saurian Pre-Release demo is now live on steam. There will be no true DevLog this week as we were all hard at work on this over the past couple of weeks, instead we will be giving those of you who have the demo a little FAQ cheat sheet. Remember this is an early […]

Saurian DevLog #19 – They’re Lethal at 8 Months

As with last DevLog, these later stages of pre-release development don’t provide much work that we can show off, but luckily Henry came through with some cool stuff for you. We’ve thrown in a few more screenshots as well to sweeten the deal. Henry For the last couple weeks I’ve been mostly concerned with integrating […]

Saurian DevLog #18 – Art Book Preview #2

The dev team has been focused almost entirely on bug fixing for pre-release in the last couple of weeks, which obviously doesn’t translate well to anything we can show off to you. So for this reason we’re devoting this week’s devlog to another preview of the art book that a selection of our Kickstarter backers […]

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