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Kickstarter Teaser- Saurian Original Sound Track (OST)

Here’s another sneak peak at one of our Kickstarter rewards. Francisco Godinho (or XZICD professionally) not only handles creature sounds, he’s working on our musical side as well. This track is creepy nighttime exploration music to raise the tension and make you wonder who’s really hunting who. Henry even jumped in for the violin! We’ll […]

Major Announcement Livestream, April 13th

Saurian Fans, It appears we’ve done that thing we tend to do where we don’t keep you guys updated as frequently as we’d like to. Despite our radio silence, we’ve been hard at work bringing Hell Creek to life, and we’d like to share our progress and a bunch of other big news with you […]

What does it mean?! Come find out!

By now many of you have probably seen RJ Palmer’s stunningly technical and highly nuanced piece of Photoshop work displayed at the top of this post. Naturally this ambiguous image has led to quite a few questions, including several of you who wanted to make sure we weren’t losing our minds. Fear not, we are […]

Livestream! May 28th! Be There!

Saurian Livestream: May 28th, 5pm EST on RJ’s Picarto Channel Greetings Saurian fans! It’s been a while since you’ve gotten a good look at the work going in to bringing Saurian to life, and we figured the best way to fix that was to show you all the things at once! Rather than make do […]

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