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Post By: Nick Turinetti

What does it mean?! Come find out!

By now many of you have probably seen RJ Palmer’s stunningly technical and highly nuanced piece of Photoshop work displayed at the top of this post. Naturally this ambiguous image has led to quite a few questions, including several of you who wanted to make sure we weren’t losing our minds. Fear not, we are […]

Searching for a Sound Designer

Hey Saurian fans and followers, do you want to help bring Saurian to life? As the title indicates, we are looking to bring a sound designer on board to give our dinosaurs their voices. This is initially an unpaid position. There are several payment options available to the successful applicant that can be negotiated upon […]

Acheroraptor vs Pachycephalosaurus

The Observer by RJ Palmer, featuring Acheroraptor and Pachycephalosaurus. Click for full size. Its finally done! Many of you joined us during our livestream event back on May 28th and got to see RJ Palmer start bringing this beauty to life, along with sharing some wonderful banter and questionable sandwich recipes. We wound up streaming […]

Livestream! May 28th! Be There!

Saurian Livestream: May 28th, 5pm EST on RJ’s Picarto Channel Greetings Saurian fans! It’s been a while since you’ve gotten a good look at the work going in to bringing Saurian to life, and we figured the best way to fix that was to show you all the things at once! Rather than make do […]

Alvies: So cute and fluffy you just might die

Alvarezsaurs are a group of small feathered dinosaurs that are remarkable for their very small (but powerful) arms and a single functional digit bearing a large claw. Not much is known about what alvarezsaurs were doing with their arms, but they seem well designed for digging, which adds to the mystery as they were too […]

Meet the Gentlesaurs: Nick Turinetti

Hey there Saurian Fans! One of the things we want to do with our blog along with providing updates on progress is give the public a window into Saurian’s development and those of us working on bringing the game from concept to reality. “Meet the Gentlesaurs” will be a series of posts where the dev […]

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